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Valevskya she sang a duet with fan


It happened in the mining town of Thorez, March 23 where the singer gave a concert. "Before the show was a knock on my dressing room - says Natalia. - An unknown woman brought a letter of appeal. " According to the singer, on a piece of paper it was written: "I am a teacher of young performers. He is an orphan. Thanks to you, Natalie, he began to sing. And now his dream - to sing a duet with you. At this stage, we are working on the songs "Two stops" and "wishes come true." If you are able to fulfill his dream, he will be happy. " Natalie admits that she was very touched by this story, and she just could not remain indifferent to the guy. "During the concert, I called a young man on the stage and presented to the audience - sharing memories Valevskya. - His name is Roman Hinder. Then we sang a song together, "wishes come true." Of course, I'm a little risky, because, of course, had never heard the Roman poet. But it turned out very well. We were with him so emotional. And the audience was delighted, which is important. " After a successful performance, Natalia given the fans the album and called on local authorities to support his creative endeavors. The guy was so happy and touched that he stood in front of his idol on one knee and presented the rose. "It was very moving, - does not hide his emotions singer. - For the sake of such moments worth living! ".

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