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Presentation "THE FIRE OF MY SOUL." 

Annunciation of the Lord literally brought the good news from the popular Ukrainian singer Natalia Valevskaya ,who presents a new video clip for the song "The fire of my soul."

This composition blessed twice. The first time-while shooting in Jerusalem next to the Temple of the Holy Sepulchre, where in the middle of a gloomy sky suddenly appeared the sun, and the second -is what the finished video symbolically comes on the eve of the Easter holiday light, namely, on the Day of the Annunciation.
Natalia presents here as a director of her third video (previous - "Happy hours are not watching," "Vіdbolіlo").
"Before the trip to Jerusalem, we asked God blessing , so the shooting was easy and all contributed to the successful work - people smile, good weather and a constantly high spirit. When, during filming, I went through the narrow streets of Jerusalem in a bright dress, many passers-by thought I was a bride, so they send me a plenty of congratulations and asked to take a picture together "- says the singer.
The main idea of the video - an appeal to the people, trying to say that everyone has a chance to be happy, although people tend to betray themselves and each other. No matter how you feel bad and hard, as if life did not beat, the main thing - do not make to "fire of your soul" to be extinguished.

Thanks a lot G-Models team for good job !!!
New video story of the singer can already be seen in the ether favorite TV channels, as well as on the Internet. ‪#‎valevskayacom‬ ‪#‎newvideo‬

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